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Healing Stones


Fixing one muscle at a time and connecting the Mind, Body, and Spirit

We offer a natural and holistic approach to medicine. Were certified Massage Therapist based in Costa Mesa/ Newport Beach. We believe in the power of healing through natural and healthy alternatives or complements to western medicine. We are educators and healers with a mission to teach each induvial about the natural healing powers they hold within.

 We look forward to working with you

           Amanda and Tami

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Services Offered

  • 60 minutes

  • 75 minutes 

  • 90 minutes 

  • 120 minutes 


Sports massage is designed to prepare the athlete for their best performance, reduce fatigue, and relieve muscle swelling and tension. During physical activity—especially strenuous—muscle tension builds up in the body's soft tissues.


Deep Tissue Massage is a form of bodywork that aims to relieve tension in the deeper layers of tissue in the body. Deep Tissue Massage is a highly effective method for releasing chronic stress areas due to misalignment, repetitive motions, and past lingering injuries. Due to the nature of the deep tissue work, open communication during the session is crucial to make sure you don’t get too uncomfortable. Keep in mind that soreness is pretty common after the treatment, and that plenty of water should be ingested to aid with the flushing and removal of toxins that will have been released from the deep tissue during the session.


Medical Massage Therapy
A result-oriented treatment that is specifically directed to resolve certain conditions. It is systematic therapeutic manipulation through applying fixed or movable pressure, friction, rubbing, stroking, pinching, tapping, kneading, or applying vibration to muscle and connective tissue. Sometimes performed on the whole body or just a targeted area.


Cupping Therapy
This therapy employs negative pressure, rather that tissue compression.  This therapy releases rigid soft tissue, drains excess fluids and toxins, loosens adhesions, lifts connective tissue, and brings blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.
Facial Cupping
Face cupping is inexpensive, non-invasive, and serves as a safe alternative to surgery or chemical treatments. Facial cupping uses small, specially designed suction cups to lift and massage facial tissue. It is actually not a new therapy, women in Asia, Russia and Europe have been using negative pressure facial cupping for rejuvenation and maintenance for generations. Facial cupping increases oxygen-rich blood circulation, strengthen skin & connective tissues and stimulates fibroblast cells responsible for collagen and elasticity production. Results include visibly reducing fine lines and deeper wrinkles, tone chin, jawline, neck & decolletage, reduce scars, excess oil & pore size, and relaxes facial muscle tension & tightness.


Myofascial Release is a very effective deep tissue, hands-on technique that works to address pain or discomfort coming from muscles and connective tissue.  Myofascial therapy is used to 'release' and rebalance the muscle and connective soft tissue system.


Acupressure is a massage therapy technique based on the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that uses finger pressure to mobilize chi — or life force energy — at specific spots on the body called acupressure points, which are also known as acupuncture points or acupoints


Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic bodywork from Japan. It uses kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching techniques and is performed without oils through light, comfortable clothing. "Shiatsu" translates as "finger pressure."


Reiki is a type of energy healing. Energy healing targets the energy fields around the body. Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or possibly emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness. Practitioner can detox the body and remove pain within the system


Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. Some health conditions can cause lymph fluid to build up.


Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle hands-on technique that uses a light touch to examine membranes and movement of the fluids in and around the central nervous system. Relieving tension in the central nervous system promotes a feeling of well-being by eliminating pain and boosting health and immunity.

Other Services:

  • Cupping (30 mins) 

    • silicone cupping can be incorporated in any massage for no extra change

  • Facial Cupping  

  • Facial Rejuvenation 

  • Facial and Boby Gua Sha 

    (rose quartz tools avail)

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